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Plek is a response to the monopoly of high-commission, anonymous-communication booking platforms on Google Search. See the problem with closed booking platforms.

Add a WhatsApp Button to your own website

96% of South Africans love WhatsApp. 🚀

Add a WhatsApp button to your own website, and to your place on Plek.

  • 1-Touch WhatsApp button,
  • Connects automatically to WhatsApp , no need to save a contact first.

  • Plek uses information publicly available via Google Maps Platform.

    Hosts may add a new property to Plek or verify an existing property by creating a free Plek account below.

  • Plek uses the Google Reviews Platform.

    We recommend you also do, as these review metrics directly enhance your ranking on Google Search Engine, the primary source of all internet business.

    To starting harvesting Google Reviews, add your place to Google Maps by creating a Google Business Profile.

  • Plek builds traffic directly to your website by linking to it.

    You can indirectly boost your traffic further by participating in the Plek Link Exchange Program.

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  • Plek FREE

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    a Plek webpage for your Place

    • ultra-fast loading
    • mobile friendly
    • 4k large-screen compatible
    • High Definition Image Gallery up to 200 images
    • A crafted description, created from your information
    • a hyperlink to your own website domain

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  • Plek PLUS

    🤩 also free, includes all Plek FREE features plus:

    • 1-Touch 'WhatsApp with Host' button connected to your mobile number, on Plek and your own website.
    • Direct enquiries and bookings via WhatsApp where you arrange payment are FREE.

    How to get Plek PLUS

    1. Get Plek FREE
    2. Join Plek Link Exchange, and then...
  • The Easiest and Cheapest Effective Way to create a Tourism Website at your own Domain, using Google Business Profile

    Google offers a free website builder, tailored specifically for small businesses, integrated with the Google Business Profile. 

    This user-friendly tool enables businesses to quickly develop and edit simple single-page websites.

    Plek has analysed thousands of sites in South from a Google SEO point of view, and these sites perform remarkably well. 

  • Why Shopify is a great choice for Travel and Accommodation websites.

    Plek is built on Shopify, and we chose Shopify because it's the Apple  of web development platforms,complexity made simple.

    In the words of CEO Tobi Lutke, Shopify is ‘a love letter to web development and its prime use cases’.

    Extremely well designed, Shopify scales easily to handle any amount of traffic,it’s always fast, it never breaks

    Websites build on shopify are intuitive to use, and easy to update. Theconversion rateof users-to-customers is farhigher than the industry average.

    Why Shopify is a great choice for Travel and Accommodation websites. 

Plek Link Exchange

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  • Plek links to thousands of Accommodation websites in South Africa. 
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  • Link partnership is a proven and powerful way to build free website traffic.  


Everyone should have one, your own website is a digital asset for direct bookings.

Plek analysed thousands of local Accommodation websites in South Africa. Almost none of these websites are eCommerce enabled, in other words no products or services are purchasable .

See Why Shopify is a great choice for travel and accommodation websites.

Plek is building links with Accommodation Websites in South Africa, we invite you to join the Plek Link Exchange.