• If you search Google for 'Cape Town Accommodation' (or accommodation in any place in South Africa) the entire first page of results are CLOSED PLATFORMS such as Booking.com, Lekkeslaap.co.za, AirBnB.com, SafariNow.com, Agoda.com.

    All of these platforms are problematic for two reasons:

    1. They hide the contact details of each party, until payment has been extracted.
    2. They charge Commisison to hosts, and/or Booking fees to customers, inflating the overall price by aproximately 15-20%
  • Grow 0% Commission Direct Bookings on your own Website.

    • Plek links to your own website.
    • Communicate with Guests on WhatsApp, phone or email.
    • Pre-booking transparency of contact details .
    • Build your own brand

    • Plek is a South African response to the Google-domination of high-commission international booking platforms.
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