Plek is built on Shopify, and we chose Shopify because it's the Apple  of web development platforms, complexity made simple.

In the words of CEO Tobi Lutke, Shopify is ‘a love letter to web development and its prime use cases’.

Extremely well designed, Shopify scales easily to handle any amount of traffic, it’s always fast, it never breaks

Websites build on shopify are intuitive to use, and easy to update. The conversion rate of users-to-customers is far higher than the industry average.

The Shopify mobile App gives you access to every aspect of your website, and all the business flowing through it, from your phone

While it started as 'software for online shops' Shopify has evolved into the most elegant, accessible and powerful way to organise information online, even if you don’t use the ‘online shop’ functionality. 

Plek does not sell anything through Shopify (bookings are transacted via Nightsbridge) yet we choose to build within the Shopify ecosystem, because the website architecture and performance is unbeatable.

While building Plek, we analysed thousands of local Accommodation websites in South Africa (you can view them at the bottom of Plek for Hosts). Almost none of these websites are eCommerce enabled, in other words no products or services are purchasable .

Shopify for an Accommodation website is an amazing choice, which becomes completely compelling if you consider all the additional services you can offer through the platform, for example:

  • You could offer Airport Transfers as a purchasable service on your website.
  • You can sell curios or local art, on your website, or bottles of wine from your local vineyard.
  • You can offer takeaway food from your kitchen, available to order and pay online, for customer collection. Shopify automates everything, including the notification to customer when the food is ready.

The Shopify target market is non-technical entrepreneurial people, who want online businesses. You can easily add a product or service to your website, from your laptop or phone, which is then immediately purchasable on your website, payable with bank card, money flows into your bank account.

As a Shopify Partner, Plek is encouraging the use of Shopify in the Travel and Leisure sector in South Africa

If you are interested in moving your Accommodation or Group, or Tour business onto Shopify, Plek can help

Contact us on to find out more.