The Easiest and Cheapest Effective Way to create a Tourism Website at your own Domain, using Google Business Profile.

The Easiest and Cheapest Effective Way to create a Tourism Website at your own Domain, using Google Business Profile.

Google offers a free website builder, tailored specifically for small businesses, integrated with the Google Business Profile. 

This user-friendly tool enables businesses to quickly develop and edit simple single-page websites.

Plek has analysed thousands of sites in South from a Google SEO point of view, and these sites perform remarkably well. 

(You can view all sites at the bottom of Plek for Hosts).

The sites are responsive and are desktop and mobile-friendly.

To access this site-building feature, a complete Google Business Profile is necessary.

The website creation process uses information and images from your Google Business Profile, and any updates to your Google Business Profile automatically reflect on your website, maintaining coherence between your profile and site content.

Creating and Publishing Your Website

If you have just signed up for a Google Business Profile, the option to create a website appears automatically.

Existing profile holders can initiate website creation by signing into the Business Profile Manager, selecting the desired profile, and following the website menu instructions.

The initial content is auto-generated, but you have the freedom to personalize various aspects like theme, text fields, call-to-action buttons, photos, business information, external links, and for restaurants, menu items.

Customizing and Sharing Your Website

The default domain follows the structure: “” For a more bespoke URL, users can purchase a custom domain directly from the website's Settings menu. Google seamlessly integrates the new domain with your site. The use of Google’s website builder, including hosting, is free, regardless of domain choice.

Remember, this website builder is intentionally simplistic, lacking advanced features found in Shopify and other content management systems. It's a trade-off between simplicity and functionality but serves well for those needing a basic online presence.

Get started on a website with Google

Use an existing custom domain for your website

If you desire a really amazing website with full eCommerce enablement, which enables you to sell a range of products and services on your own website, and take payment online, Plek recommends Shopify.

See Why Shopify is a great choice for Travel and Accommodation websites.

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