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Fugitives' Drift Lodge

Rorkes Drift, KwaZulu-Natal
R 3,080
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Fugitives' Drift Lodge is a luxurious establishment situated in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. It was originally built by David and Nicky Rattray in 1989 and underwent refurbishment and rebuilding in 2017. The lodge features spacious rooms equipped with en-suite bathrooms, both indoor and outdoor showers, air conditioning, mini-fridges, and verandas offering views of the plains flanking the Buffalo River Gorge. Guests dine together in the large dining room or, weather permitting, on the outdoor deck.

The lodge features a swimming pool with views of both Rorke's Drift and Isandlwana, as well as the Harford Library and the Fugitives' Drift Museum. The Harford Library, named after Charlie Harford, a well-known beetle collector at Isandlwana, offers panoramic views over the Buffalo River Gorge and serves as an excellent reading spot. The Fugitives' Drift Museum, located at the main lodge opposite the reception, houses a collection of pictures, newspaper cuttings, woodcuts, and original artifacts related to the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879, including Stone Age tools, locally forged iron implements, and battlefield relics.

In addition to the main lodge, Fugitives' Drift offers other accommodation options. The Umzinyathi Farmhouse, a charming stone and corrugated iron roof building constructed in the 1920s, was once the home of George Buntting, an expert on the Anglo-Zulu War. It features three en-suite bedrooms, a sitting room with a fireplace, a dining room, and a kitchen. Guests can choose to have meals at the Lodge or the Guest House for an additional cost.

Kwa-George, a small cottage located on the grounds of Umzinyathi Farmhouse, consists of a twin bedroom, an en-suite bathroom with a shower, and a veranda. Guests staying at Kwa-George will need to travel to and from the Lodge or the Guest House for meals and tours, as the accommodation is self-catering.

Fugitives' Drift is expanding its experiences by offering dedicated tours for children under 12 years of age and providing two sets of interconnecting family-friendly rooms.

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