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Pata Pata House

Marloth Park, Mpumalanga
R 2,750
Avg per night

Pata Pata House is a self-catering safari house located in Marloth Park, adjacent to Kruger National Park, where various African animal species roam freely through the park and around the house. The house is decorated in modern African style and features a stunning swimming pool integrated into the "stoep" (terrace), an outdoor shower, and a large firepit and Boma.

The house offers a spectacular terrace and swimming pool. The terrace is spacious, providing a relaxing environment to enjoy the animals wandering around the area and garden. Frequent visitors include giraffes, ostriches (locally known as "Volstruis"), and other African animals found in Marloth Park. Pata Pata House is a luxurious, modern bush house rented out for a maximum of four persons.

The house is equipped with two large, modern bedrooms with king-size beds, air conditioning, and fans. It also has two large bathrooms, each with double showers and separate toilets. The living room features a high ceiling and fan to control the indoor temperature. The house includes a very large 'stoep' veranda with a large swimming pool, covered terrace, firepit, and a Boma. It also has an open, modern, fully-equipped kitchen and a large braai area where guests can sit around the fire or use the BBQ. The stunning swimming pool is integrated into the veranda, and there is an outdoor shower. The Boma overlooks the bush and the frequent animal visitors.

Pata Pata House is located in close proximity to Kruger National Park, making it easy to visit the park daily without the need to spend the night there. Due to the limited and expensive accommodation options within Kruger Park, this house provides an interesting solution for families. Guests have access to the entire house, including free WiFi. Daily sightings of freely roaming animals such as kudus, impalas, zebras, giraffes, monkeys, warthogs, and the beautiful bushbabies (at night) are common. Marloth Park can be classified as one of the last remaining paradises on earth, where visitors can enjoy nature in all its glory.

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