• R0 monthly, 0% Commission

    Add a new Place to Plek, or Verify Your Ownership of an existing place.

    Take control of your Plek information. Edit your description, update your photos, link to your website.


    a Plek webpage for your Place

    • ultra-fast loading
    • mobile friendly
    • 4k large screen compatible
    • High Definition Image Gallery up to 250 images
    • crafted description, created from your information
    • hyperlink to your own website domain.

    How to Get Plek FREE

    1. You need a Google Maps URL for your Accommodation.
      If you are not yet on Google Maps then create a Google Business Profile for your accommodation.

    2. Complete the form and click 'Buy it now' (it's free) to create an account and complete the checkout process 🚀

    A friendly plek human will create or verify your accommodation and respond to you within 24 hours (usually much quicker).

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